Hubei Gabrielle-Optech Co., Ltd. (HGO) was founded in December 2009 and settled in Zigui, relying on professional and technical personnel. Perfect market system, flexible capital operation and logistics support and other advantages of convenience, HGO started mass production in October 2010. Currently, the production area covers over 8,000 sqm and there are 4 production lines for optical glass and 4 lines for crystal glass. According to the development plans, another 10 production lines of optical glass will be built in the second phase p…
optical glass Sheet Star material Square block Color material
Color material
Color materiel
Square block
Square block
Star material
Star materiel
optical glass
Optical glass

Company is producing all kinds of high quality crystal craft glass more than twenty thousand tons, the market share of more than 30%, the domestic first

Partnership formed with Changchun

April 30, 2011, Changchun Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Dean of the potential segment, party secretary of the criminal Shi-jun, Professor, Hu Chen...